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International sales & marketing research for B2B and tech companies.


Welcome to new market areas with 100 Solutions!

Effective sales outsourcing for B2B companies

Our speciality is providing an efficient and expert level service that spans from customer acquisition to completion of a closed deal. We arrange client meetings, conduct market research, and analyze the competitive field to support your company's growth and connections. We also provide tailored sales collaboration solutions that support your internationalization. Whether your company's priorities lie in entering into the Finnish market or conquering international fields for the first time, we will help you achieve and even exceed your sales targets.

Supporting Your Company's Global Growth: Start with Us and Watch Your International Sales Flourish

Venturing into new markets, whether it's expanding to a new area or introducting new services in established location, will require vital resources: time and money. With utilizing our knowledge and connections in the field, no large initial investments are needed. This allows you to launch your sales and growth into new market areas without the need to establish a local office or recruit staff.

Low-risk strategy for new market entry

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions for international sales expansion, starting from market research and following through all the way to closing deals. We will focus on estimating the market potential and identifying possible growth opportunities. With active outbound contacting and customer acquisition, we are able to establish a solid foundation for your business in the new market area.

Market research & customer insights

Once potential customers are identified and contacted, we arrange sales meetings for you or even meet them on your behalf, continuously gaining negotiation opportunities and establishing active sales. Our capability to achieve results is based on our extensive experience and local insight in the market, complemented by the expertise of our strong sales team.

Boost international sales with customer acquisition

We are with you the whole go-to-market journey

Our service will be tailored to meet your specific needs combining our skills from the following phases:

  • Market research and defining market potential
  • Prospecting and performing conducting targeted sales outreach
  • Identifying leads and booking sales meetings
  • Arranging customer meetings 
  • Conducting sales negotiations and closing deals
  • Initiating projects
  • Project-specific negotiations

    Strong experience in Finnish and North European markets

    Our company is geographically established in Finland and possesses strong experience in the Finnish and Northern European market. We are an excellent partner for companies that want to expand their presence to Finland, Norway, Sweden, or the Baltic countries.

    Northern Europe has purchasing power and good economic growth. Local potential customers are actively looking for alternative sources and services to expand their own business, so now might be your time to enter this market!


    Experience is crucial - and we have it

      During our 25 years of operation we have gained experience and led numerous companies to growth in the following industries:

    • Industrial & raw materials
    • Construction & real estate
    • Environment
    • Infrastructure
    • Energy
    • IT & Health
    • Your growth is just one step away. Together, we'll achieve success in new markets!

    Let's calculate the business case for your international sales activities!

    Meetings booked
    Business proposals
    av. 40 000 €
    Total deal value
    Total lead value
    Room for international growth? 
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    100 Solutions has been efficient in contacting local customers and producing market information & customer data. Further usage of this data has been easy and this way we have been able to target our resources much more efficiently.

    Jaska Mertaharju, Service Director, SOL
    Our cooperation has been coherent and progressed smoothly in mutual understanding. Weekly reporting kept us up to date on the progress. During the project, we also received customer insights that supported our other operations. We can warmly recommend the services of 100 Solutions to companies that want a reliable and agile business partner.

    Teemu Lampinen, Sales Manager, Molok Oy

    100 Solutions is on a mission to create sales & profitability

    The core principles of our business have always been to create customer-centric growth and profitability. One of the key drivers of growth in revenue is customer satisfaction - which we self value highly. Sales is not about one-time deals, it's creating long-term profitable collaboration and customerships.

    Our company was founded to fill a clear market need for a service provider that links potential B2B prospects and companies together, researching markets, customer needs and driving sales this way.
    • Great interaction & negotiation skills
    • High-quality calls and valid booked appointments
    • Technical expertise & suitable people for a spesific assignment
    • Flexible resources & way of working
    • Goal-oriented approach
    • Transparent reporting & sales metrics
    • Consistent service & good brand fit for your products

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